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Mom Is In Awe Over Witchy Little Girl Who Made Her Own Tarot Deck

How could you not be proud?

This proud mother brags about her daughter’s advanced witchy abilities and creativity for a mere five years old. While she was driving her daughter to school, the little girl pulls out some papers and tells her mom she has a “cat deck” and offers to do a reading for her! She has never seen her daughter do anything like this before but her child has watched as she’s done tarot readings for others. She is, of course, thrilled to have her daughter following in her footsteps and gives enthusiastic consent for a reading. Then her daughter shows her the cutest thing - a tiny handmade tarot deck!  

Her daughter had colored little scraps of paper to make custom tarot cards. She pulled out the first one and declared it the “Nine of Kittens” and told her mother that card means she will have a super, duper good day and it’s going to come really easily. The next card she pulled for her mother was the “King of Pups” which is entirely too adorable!

Creating custom tarot decks is a great beginner activity to help one learn the different meanings and symbols of each card and how they relate to each other. Creating all new suits and meanings is pretty creative though, especially for such a young child. 

We sincerely hope there is a follow up video showcasing her daughter’s handcrafted deck, it seems unreasonable not to show us the King of Pups!

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