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Tarot Card Reader Shares the Questions You Should Ask Your Deck

It’s completely fair to ask these questions.

Divining the future and unlocking understanding to the present must get pretty boring if you’re always asked the same questions about love or money, so this woman took her tarot questions to the next level. She asks the cards to “define my blood” with a five card spread of four corner cards and one center. She also asks “What is one way to resolve a wound without healing it?” And “What happens if I find out an unknown I’m not supposed to?”  

The woman elaborates in the comments that this practice isn’t designed to receive a particular answer but can be thought of more like a conversation starter with your deck and a lens to look at something in a new and different way than you were previously.

A bit of levity along with divination is baked deep into the history of the tarot itself, which is said to have originated as a game that evolved into a tool to aid in foretelling the future by way of custom decks crafted by artists for the wealthy upper class. These unique decks were highly prized and often included mythological references and symbolic attributes that came to be associated with each card.  

Those wishing to explore the art of cartomancy for themselves have many more choices for tarot decks without having to commission an artist to craft it by hand. Despite the widespread availability, many choose to make their own custom decks with the aid of modern technology to compensate for lack of artistic skill. This freedom to attach images more personally significant and symbolic to one’s own card deck can also help beginners learn the different card meanings by associating it with concepts that are already familiar.  

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