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Professor Sues Woman for Using Tarot to Accuse Her of Murder

I don't know who needs to hear this, but don't use tarot cards to find murderers.

“You used tarot... to accuse somebody of murder” can only be uttered in similar tones of astonished horror as Reese Witherspoon saying her memorable line from Sweet Home Alabama - “you have a baby… in a bar.” There has been a lot of online speculation about the University of Idaho killings that took place in November of 2022, but now TikTok accusations from a tarot reader have led to a lawsuit. The self appointed internet tarot sleuth has been using the cards to “solve” crimes and began allegations that university professor was not only involved but also having an affair with one of the victims. The professor claims she never even met any of those students, including her accuser. 

Can you sue a psychic and win? Historically, lawsuits against occult and spiritual services tend to be about financial defraudment for things like illegal billing practices or selling products that don’t exist rather than about the actual predictions or payment for them. This case in Idaho is unique because no money was involved and the tarot reader pursued her “investigation” for free. This lawsuit is about unfounded and provably wrong accusations that won’t desist and may cause irreparable harm to her teaching career and reputation, all for what appears to be motivated by a desire for internet views and attention. 

Don’t let this put you off the fun and mysterious path of getting started with the tarot though, the cards are great as long as you don’t use them to do anything illegal like accuse random people of murder. 

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