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Old School Witch Suggests Everyone Talk to Their House

It deserves your magic.

Some witches believe homes are sentient and possess a consciousness of their own, which is the foundation of the advice “talk to your home”.


The advice is to say “hello” every time you enter your house, and when you leave to thank the home for the care and protection it has offered. Some believe that homes ignored for too long will attract negative energy and spirits.

It is said if one completes this salutational practice for a whole lunar cycle that one will be able to ask questions of their domicile. In return the home will send signs as answers.

There is a rich history of sentient or anthropomorphic dwellings throughout fairytales and mythology. Slavic folklore features Baba Yaga, a grandmother witch archetype, who lives in a roaming home that wanders around on giant chicken legs. Hansel and Gretel find a witch’s home made of gingerbread and candy. Beauty and the Beast features an entire enchanted castle, as does Sleeping Beauty, and Camelot of Arthurian legend. More recently this theme was wholly embraced in Disney’s Encanto, with the family’s enchanted home becoming a full-fledged character, with motives and actions of its own. 

These mythological personified homes resonate with modern practitioners of witchcraft, who often embrace the aesthetic of ‘hearth witch’ for connecting with their abodes. This often extends to the land surrounding a home as well, turning it into a witch’s garden. Connecting with one’s home is a powerful theme throughout human history, one most still embrace to this day in some form or another.