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Man Convinced He Met Supernatural Creature in Parking Lot

The fellow knew his name AND had a tail?
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To judge by a lot of medieval and classic literature, it was not unusual for a person to happen upon a magical creature in need of assistance while out upon one’s everyday routine. A woodcutter might be chopping wood when he meets a witch who gifts him with a magical cloak. A shepherd might come across a dryad who has become trapped by a vengeful god. A princess playing with her ball in her garden might be greeted by an enchanted prince in the form of a frog. We just don’t always expect it to happen to us.

But maybe it does, if we just keep our minds open to the possibility. The man in this video certainly believes that he met someone—or something!—very unusual in the parking lot of his local supermarket.

In the video, he explains he was walking across the parking lot when a strange voice called him by name. He turned and saw a normal-looking man standing there, though he was sure he’d never met him before and had no idea how the man might know his name.

Then, the man asked him for money—specifying the exact (small) amount that he was carrying in his wallet.

This guy has obviously read the stories, and know when you come across something this unusual, you choose to be kind. So he said sure, and gave the fellow the cash.

“You want to see something?” asked what might as well have been a trickster god. Because then the stranger turned around, showed the man his tail, and scampered off!

I repeat: His. Tail.

Was the man really a satyr? A shapeshifter? Some thing for which we have no name? Unknown.

But think about this story the next time you meet a stranger who inexplicably knows your name.

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