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Iowa Man Claims Simple Item Bypasses UFO "Cloaking Devices"

You may already have these in your car.

There are many benefits to wearing polarized sunglasses. Designed to reduce glare created by the sun on the road or the surface of the sea. This is because most glare occurs when light is reflected off surfaces in all directions. Polarized lenses filter out horizontal lights while letting vertical light through, with the result of reducing glare. Fishermen report that it makes the ocean more transparent and they can even see fish beneath the surface more easily while wearing them.

But this man claims that it helps you see more than hidden objects in the sea. With the help of polarized sunglasses, he’s seeing whatever is hidden… in the sky.


In the video, a man shows a clear blue sky in Iowa, then holds ups pair of polarized fishing glasses over the scene. When the lenses drop over the screen, you can see tiny glowing shapes floating and zipping around in the sky.

What are they? No one is quite sure. Some viewers insist that what he’s looking at are merely scratches in the lenses, but that explanation does not quite wash, as the objects move independently from each other.

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Others report seeing the same kinds of things when they look through their own polarized lenses. “We were so in shock at what we were seeing and then we knew no one would ever believe us. We Google searched and haven't found anything that was exactly what we saw, but this was it!”

Another commenter says they’ve seen similar things in the skies of Alabama.

But some are still skeptical. If UFOs have such amazing cloaking technology, how can they be beaten by a simple pair of sunglasses? Well, maybe they just don’t expect anyone to look.

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