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Child's Stuffed Animal Looks Around Once Parents Start Filming

Excuse me, what?

These days, people like to collect haunted dolls, because spooky is in. But I doubt people are actually buying these items for their children. I for one would not be pleased to learn that my beloved toddler’s playthings had a possibly demonic mind of its own. So I can understand the concern of this mom when she filmed her child’s stuffed animal possibly turning around and looking at the camera during playtime. 


In the video, a little kid is sitting on the floor playing patty cake with her stuffed dog when suddenly, the stuffed dog appears to look abruptly at the camera. The child even notices the movement, and turns around to check it out as well.

Wait, what?

In the comments, many people are advising the woman to burn that child’s toy right away, and many others are saying that’s the worst possible option.

“The entity will just travel to another vessel if you burn it,” claims one.

“Don’t burn it. Just sell it online,” recommends another. “There are lots of haunted doll collectors now.”

Others say that before she does anything she should try to determine the nature of the spirit residing in the doll. The mother says she did not feel a negative vibe from the creature at all and wondered if it might in fact be the ghost of her grandfather Juan. Others agree that it is indeed a protective, not malevolent, spirit

“Don’t listen to stupid ignorance,” says one referring to all the comments calling for stuffie-burning. “He loves her and will protect her her whole life.”