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This Ultra Realistic 'Stranger Things' Halloween Decor Will Blow Your Mind

How did they do that?

Netflix mega-hit Stranger Things remains a cultural juggernaut, with people rushing to copy their looks, adopt their sayings, and even help make singer Kate Bush’s decades-old song “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” into a record breaker, even though most of its ardent fans weren’t even born when the track was originally released.

The most memorable scene of its recent fourth season was when the character Max Mayfield, possessed by arch-villain Vecna, levitates into the air above the tomb of her brother. And this Halloween, some homeowners outside Chicago have recreated it in the most unbelievable way.


In this video, which went viral on TikTok, the family takes you on a tour of their elaborate Halloween decor, which features several notable parts from the popular TV show, including a full-sized mannequin, dressed as Max, hovering in the air. In the videos, it’s impossible to see how they have accomplished this extraordinary special effect, which only adds to the eeriness of the scene and the spectacle of the display.


People are flocking to the actual site, in hopes of catching a glimpse of fishing lines or whatever it is keeping poor Max aloft.

The decorations are already drawing huge crowds, and, unfortunately, a few complaints as well. In fact, after some neighbors took issue with the display—and worried about what kind of damage or danger the monstrous crowds might pose to the neighborhood—the family was forced to close the exhibit and may even have to take it all down.

For now, though, you can still marvel online.