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Passenger Records Strange Phenomenon As Plane Descends Through Clouds

The world turns upside down...
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I worry about the state of education in this country. When I see TikTok videos were people are going on and on about the Earth being flat, or that we exist under a vast dome, or that red sandstone cliffs are really ancient pyramids in disguise, I don’t think the people making them are stupid. I think they are ignorant, uninformed, and—often—misinformed, by an educational system that failed them, or a propaganda network that seeks to mislead. I’m not sure what the solution is to help these people, especially the ones who are very, very committed to their anti-scientific con. But I do think that curiosity is key.

Take this person, who was baffled by the sight of clouds outside the window of their plane. The bad news is that they are baffled by clouds. The good news is, they want to understand.

In the video, the person claims they are trying to take a recording of the plane passing through the clouds, but they are shocked to discover, once they pass through, that there is an entirely separate layer of clouds still below them.

This person never learned that different types of clouds form at different heights in the atmosphere. It’s not uncommon at all for there to be multiple layers of clouds, and in fact, aviators learn a great deal about different cloud layers and how best to navigate them as part of their pilot training. It’s not mysterious or strange. It’s just nature.

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