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Woman Films Ghost Knocking Items Off Store Shelves in Ontario

Have pity on the poor, overworked clerk!

There are some who believe there’s no such thing as a haunted house —and they aren’t necessarily skeptics. Rather they believe it is not the place that is haunted, but rather the items in that house, whether it’s a doll or jewelry or even a person. According to this theory, spirits attach to objects and people, and removing them from the house doesn’t release the spirit, it only sends it on to the next location.

It is strange, then, that we have not heard more stories about haunted thrift stores. Because all of their items come to them secondhand, there’s a higher chance that a ghost is going to come along with the goods to be sold.

Here is one such thrift store, in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Whatever haunts this venue, it gets its jollies by knocking delicate items off the shelves. 


In the video, a clerk is stocking the shelves full of knick knacks when the resident ghost decides it does not like the most recent shipment and sends a few plates flying! And it wasn't trick photography, either. The back side of that shelf is the back side of another set of shelves.

“Why are ghosts never helpful?” asks a viewer in the comments. “I lived in a house that was haunted and I often told them if you are gonna be here do laundry or dishes or something.”

Others familiar with Thunder Bay say they have experienced similar supernatural occurrences in that area of town. So perhaps this ghost did not hitch a ride on some antique dishes, but has always resided in the area.