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Ancient Mysteries of Stonehenge Exhibit Is Currently at Auckland Museum

Science has uncovered new information.

The Auckland Museum of New Zealand is proud to display their new Stonehenge exhibit that delves into the science, history, and mythology of this sacred mystical monument. They claim to have solved new mysteries regarding the prehistoric megaliths and showcase over 300 artifacts excavated from the site that bring these long-vanished societies back to life for us today.  

Stonehenge has long captivated the imaginations of those seeking ancient mysteries and even today there are people attempting to create modern megaliths they hope will withstand the test of time. Bangor, Pennsylvania is home to Columcille Megalith Park - a created sacred space with a meditative labyrinth and many large stone monuments that often earn it the nickname “American Stonehenge”. 

Another location that was also nicknamed the “American Stonehenge” was located in Elbert County, Georgia and officially called the Georgia Guidestones. This megalithic monument was made from six granite slabs that stood over nineteen feet tall and was commissioned by a self-described “small group of loyal Americans” that intended it to serve as a guide for humanity in the event of a catastrophic event that would destroy society. It was meant to serve as a compass, calendar, and clock that would withstand disaster. It was also inscribed with ten different guiding principles in eight different languages, meant to function as a Rosetta Stone to unlock translations should communications between languages be lost. In July of 2022 this monument was destroyed with explosives by a vandal. 

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