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Woman Finds Strange Stone Carvings in the Woods

Who left these mysterious figures?

People leave their marks on the land in all kinds of ways. From building a pyramid to carving initials into a tree, there are many methods to saying “I am here.” For one man in a forest in Ohio, his mark was made in stone.


Despite the thrilling tone of this video, the stone carvings in the woods in Hinckley, Ohio are not as big a mystery as they may appear. The figures are called Worden’s Ledges, named after the family that once owned this property, and they are part of the greater Cleveland Parks system. The figures and faces scattered around the old Worden land are though to have been carved into the giant sandstone boulders that are there by a man named Noble Stuart, who was briefly married to Nettie Worden in the 1940s.

Nettie Worden was eighty years old when she married the 63-year-old Stuart, an aspiring sculptor and stone carver, and the family did not approve of the match, all the mores when Nettie died three years later and Stuart inherited the land. He is thought to have created these carvings throughout that decade.

Stuart’s subjects include mythical creatures like a sphinx, portraits of people in the Worden family, Biblical scenes, people from history like Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson and Ty Cobb, and even a pirate ship. Visitors to the area can follow a marked trail that winds past most of these carvings, but little is known about them, as this effort was most likely little more than a hobby for Stuart.

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But though he and the Wordens are long gone, in this tiny corner of the world, their memory will live on, carved forever in stone. 

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