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Mom Releases Balloons to Honor Stillborn Daughter’s Birthday and Gets An Incredible Sign

This has to count as a miracle.

Stillbirth is a heartbreaking loss for a family. They have been anticipating the great joy of their child’s arrival, and instead are left with an enormous well of grief. Not only must they deal with the tragedy of losing a child but also the confusion and disappointment of never really having the opportunity to get to know their much-longed-for baby before the child was taken from them.

In this video, a woman commemorates the first year since her child’s birth with a balloon release, and when reviewing the video they made of the event, notices something very special in the clouds. 


ey released the balloons seemed to mirror one of the few pictures they had of their little one, as if heaven itself was sending a message that their baby, though separated from them was safe and sound.

The woman is quick to note that they were “biodegradable” balloons in the video, but for those looking for truly eco-friendly memorials, wildlife experts suggest floating flowers on the water, blowing bubbles, or even planting trees in the deceased’s name.

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Meanwhile, we hope this family has gained a sense of comfort from their message from heaven. Recent videos suggest they are expecting again, with a “rainbow baby” (the term preferred by parents for their first baby after a loss). Whatever happens, it’s clear this rainbow baby already has a big sister watching out for her from heaven. 

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