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Woman Not Only Discovers Obscure Star System Is Real, But She May Have Lived Her Past Life There

This is truly wild.

The short story “The Egg” by Andy Weir (best known for The Martian) posits that all of life is a single soul, living over and over again in every possible way, every permutation, every lifetime, until it learns all there is to know about creation, and ascends to pure divinity. Many people who believe in the concept of reincarnation think that our should choose to incarnate in different places and forms as a way to learn cosmic lessons about the nature of life and the universe.

And for some of these people, their lives do not all take place on Earth. This woman, a past life regression therapist, got a very interesting message during a recent session. One with far more truth to it than she knew.


In the video, the woman explains that she received a message from a supposed past life saying that she was a traveler from the star Zubenelgenubi. She had never heard of it before and actually had to write it down because it sounded like nonsense to her. Only later, when she had a chance to look it up, she was stunned to discover it was, in fact, a real star system.

Zubenelgenubi is a binary star system in the constellation known as Libra. The word derives from an Arabic term meaning the arm of the scorpion, as ancient astronomers from the Near East included these stars s part of the constellation we now call Scorpio.

“I don’t know if you understand how powerful you are in this little body shell of yours,” she advises viewers. “We all have massive missions here on Earth.”