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How to Use Star Anise in Your Spiritual Work

Such a beautiful and fragrant spice.
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As the days grow short and the nights dark and cold, our appetites turn to warming spices to help make us feel nice and cozy. This is the time of year for gingerbread, for spiced chai, for apple cakes and mulled wines and ciders. It’s also the time of year when things like cloves and cinnamon sticks can even take center stage in home decor. But as you’re breaking out the cinnamon sticks, save a little space for a spice that’s lesser known in the west, but no less potent: star anise.

Star anise is the exuberantly star-shaped seed pod of an evergreen tree native to China. It’s used in everything from chai and five spice powder to the Vietnamese noodle soup pho. Its pungent aroma and flavor is somewhere between clove and fennel, and it can add a kick to your baking, mulling spices, and even home decor.

But it can also be used for magic.

In this video, you can learn how best to utilize the spice star anise in your spiritual work.

Unsurprisingly, the beautiful pods can be used to decorate any sacred space and add a jolt of purification and protection. The spice is associated not only with these properties, but also luck, and clarity of psychic abilities.

Additionally, star anise has long been considered a “dream herb” by several spiritual traditions. A spice of protection, some also put it in bedtime teas or simmer pots, or infuse it in oil and anoint to wrists and temples for ease in sleep.

The video recommends making a ratchet with star anise, lavender, and bay leaves to ward against nightmares and other harmful sleep entities.

Plus, it smells so good.

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