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Tourist in Hawaii Captures "Squid" UFO on Film

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Hawaii is a popular location for UFO spotting, as many think that these strange objects do not have an extraterrestrial origin after all, but instead come from “secret bases” under the ocean. Indeed, one of the “five observable” traits of the phenomenon popularly known as UFOs is “trans-medium” travel, or moving from air to water or air to outer space seamlessly. Some report UFOs as moving at incredible speeds both underwater and above.

This Hawaiian tourist caught sight of an unidentified object in the air, this one with a long white tail reminiscent of the “squid-shaped” UFOs that many have reported seeing.


In the video, a clear, blue tropical sky is interrupted only by the sight of a tiny white blob in the distance. When the camera focuses, you can see that this object is white and oblong or Ovid in shape, and trailed by a long white tail of some sort.

Viewers have plenty of suggestions in the comments section, and none are extraterrestrial.

“It’s a skydiver opening his parachute,” suggests one, with a theory that several people second. But despite filming it for several seconds, no parachute opens, which not only makes us suspicious of this explanation, but also nervous for this theoretical jumper.

Another person suggests that it’s a glider, though the shape seems nothing like a paraglider.

A few people think that it’s a balloon arch, a decorative motif of ordinary balloons that have somehow been carried to this great height by the wind. It is difficult to tell from the distance, though, so this object must remain unidentified.