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Arkansas Woman Records Strange Square in the Sky

Is it a glitch in the Matrix?
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Many films have played with the idea that the world we know is nothing more than a simulation. In The Truman Show, the titular character does not realize that he’s spent his life on the set of a television show, and that everyone around him is an actor. The film begins when one of the “stars” in the firmament that is the dome above his head falls out of the sky and is revealed to be nothing more than a stage light.

In the film The Matrix, our entire reality is nothing more than a computer program, and a “glitch” in the Matrix occurs when something goes wrong with the program, showing us ever so briefly how fake the world we live in is.

Maybe that is why this Arkansas woman recently saw a transparent rectangle in the sky as she was driving down the road. (Be careful, the language in this video, as well as the creator's screen name, are NSFW.)


In the video, there is an unmistakable gray rectangle just….chilling in the sky. The video is shaky, as it’s being taken from a moving vehicle, most likely on a cellphone camera, but it does not appear to be a filter of any sort. It’s just a dark gray area in the atmosphere with disturbingly perfect right angles, as if someone opened a window, or didn’t finish rendering that particular portion of the world.

What is going on here? Is there a sticker or something on this person’s windshield? It’s impossible to tell. As a prank, it’s an odd one to pull, and the person who took this video seem just as sure that it’s a glitch in the Matrix. I’ve seen some odd atmospheric phenomena in my time, but if this video is for real, it’s the oddest I have ever encountered.