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Woman Shares Spiritual Meanings Behind the Birds That May Be Appearing in Your Life

Is the universe sending you a message?
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Augury was an ancient Romance religious practice of divining meaning by looking at the behavior of birds. The Latin word auspices (literally “looking at birds”) is what gives us words like “auspicious” and “inauspicious” whereas augury gives us words like “inauguration” (literally, “to take omen from birds in flight”). The augur would watch the behavior of birds and gain from them divine insight into the fate or destiny of whoever the person asking was.

Though this kind of ornithomancy has fallen out of favor, there are still many who believe that the behavior and type of birds around you can have a lot to say about the things coming your way.

In this video, a woman attempts to explain what spiritual message different birds hold when they appear in near you.

Eagles, she claims, stand for a spiritual rebirth and psychic growth. It’s about stepping into a newer, stronger version of yourself.

Mourning doves, despite the name, are actually a positive sign. They represent visits from a loved one who has passed, and also bring good luck.

Pigeons are a sign of fertility and positive transformation, which I suppose is good news to every single resident of a New York City

Sparrows are sent as a reminder to focus on balance and your own health.

In ancient Roman augury, some types of birds delivered signs via the sounds they made: ravens, crows, owls, and hens. Others delivered signs through the way in which they flew: eagles and various types of vultures. The Roman military augurs also deduced signs from chickens based on their feeding behavior.

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