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Spiritual Awakenings Come With Unexpected Side Effects

Has this ever happened to you?

Count me a skeptic when it comes to the topic of spiritual awakenings. While there are many for whom the term comes part and parcel with a genuine opening of the mind, heart, and soul, to planes beyond the material, a lot of times, people use the term to excuse their abdication of responsibilities. “Oh, I can’t be held responsible for any trials of the physical world, ‘m having a spiritual awakening.” Okay, but rent is still due.

Just me? Hey, I love spiritual stuff, but I don’t buy that just because your eyes have been opened to the divine it’s any excuse to ignore the very real world we all live in.

In this video, the creator posits that “spiritual awakening” can come with a couple of unexpected side effects. Specifically, a lowered tolerance for alcohol. As alcohol is, technically, a poison, the idea is that the divine temples of our bodies will rightfully reject this poison, as it dulls our senses to the infinite power of the universe.

I hate to say it, but this has definitely been my experience. When I’ve been in seasons of great spiritual growth, I have found my interest in alcohol very much reduced due to its established “dulling” effects.

But, like all forms of “spiritual awakenings” these kinds of symbols can be perverted and twisted to mean whatever some guru or adherent wants them to mean, the same as actually using mind-altering substances can.

Wherever you land on this issue, the central point is to do so with consideration and responsibility.

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