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Man Playing Hide and Seek With Child Accidentally Records Spirit Voice


Though there’s no real reason to fear cemeteries, I’m not sure if a graveyard is where I’d choose to play with my toddler. Still, perhaps this family was there for some other reason and were looking for a way to distract the little munchkin when this video was recorded. However it occurred, a man recently playing hide and seek in a cemetery with his child was shocked to discover he’d recorded more than the sound of their game on his camera phone. 


In the video, a man is weaving in and out among tombstones, calling the name of his child, who is playing hide and seek. When he rounds one tombstone and sees the smiling kid you can hear, plain as day, the sound of a somewhat startled woman going “Hello?”

It’s almost as if there was a spirit, minding her own business in her quiet little cemetery being utterly shocked when she hears a voice in the first time in ages.

“Aww, she sounds lonely,” says one viewer. “You should go back and talk to her.”

“No way!” argues another. “Not unless you want it to follow you home.”

The video was sent anonymously to the paranormal investigator on TikTok by the man, who wanted her to analyze it for clues. In the comments section many people say the voice sounds like the investigator, Blair Bathory (these names! I love) herself, though she denies being anything other than the messenger in this case.

If it was a lonely spirit, it’s too bad the family didn’t hear her calling out until it was far too late to answer.