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Woman Describes Getting Visit From Her Recently Deceased Mother When She Was Just 7 Years Old

It completely changed her life.

Losing a parent is always a difficult thing, but losing one while still a child can have a profound impact on you for the rest of your life. There is so much wisdom and so many life lessons that they are unable to impart, so much support and love that they are unable to provide at a delicate and fundamental time in a child’s life.

For this woman, losing her mother at a tender age was indeed life-changing, but it also set her on her own path toward spiritual awakening.


In the video, a woman explains how a visit from her mother’s spirit on the night of her death changed her forever.

The night her mother died, when the woman was only seven year’s old, she came to visit her. She says she experienced it as an actual physical moment—her mother waking her, pulling her on her lap and cuddling her. She said her mother apologized for having to “leave.”

Then, she explains, her mother “opened her perception.” She collapsed “the concept of time” for this little girl and then tried to explain to her what was going to be happening to her.

“The time coming up is going to be difficult but necessary,” her mother told her, and then helped this child make a connection to a greater universal power that she calls “the source.”

Ever since that moment, the woman claimed, she’s has known that she is a child of the source, this universal power and love, and that even though her earthly mother was gone, she was a part of something ever so much greater.