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Medium Patiently Explains The Truth Behind "Spirit Orbs"

It's not what you think.

Orbs are one of the most popular forms of ghostly photographic evidence, possibly because they are so easy to catch on film. A shiny bug, a bit of dust, or a lens flare, and mysterious “orb” can pop up in the middle of the picture. According to Troy Taylor, author of Ghost Hunter's Guidebook and president of the American Ghost Society, they are "orb-a-philes." As Linda Sahran writes, “These "orb-a-philes" will swear by orbs and will not take any rational explanations into account. They will post these photos and videos all over the internet and try to convince people that this is positive proof that ghosts exist.”

But some people think orb mania is overblown, and that it isn’t spirits at all.


In this video, a psychic medium explains that when you see orbs while out on a ghost hunt or taking spirit photography, you are not necessarily catching sight of anything paranormal.

“I’m sorry but I have to give an honest assessment,” she says in the caption. “Most ‘orbs’ are dust, moisture in the air or bugs being hit by light which gives them a glowing orb look in camera.”

As disappointing as this may be to hear, she wants people to know that she believes in the supernatural, just not this particular evidence. “Debunking is an important part of spiritual and paranormal work,” she points out. “Many cases of what people consider supernatural can be explained by mundane causes. While spirits can show up in a light orb, it is more more rare than what people are lead to believe.”