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Woman Explains Why There Are Times You Should Never Answer to Your Name Being Called

It’s not who you think it is.

“When you hear your name being called, and no one is around—especially when it’s the voice of someone you love,” begins this TikTok psychic, dropping warnings left and right, “it’s not those people calling you. It’s something from the other side that’s tricking you to come into its energy.” Then she shares a story of her own that will send shivers up your spine.


“I first learned this when I was very young,” she goes on. She proceeds to share a story of her own experience, something that happened a long time ago, before she became a spiritual person.

“I heard my name and then I heard knocking,” she says, but at the time, she was very confused, because the voice she heard was that of her then-partner, only she knew he wasn’t where the voice was coming from. She asked her partner if he called her, because he was in a different room.

He got very serious with her, grabbed her by the shoulder and said “Don’t you ever answer when someone calls you like that.” Even though she reports that her partner was not a particularly “woo-woo” person himself, he had a deep connection to the Laotian and Thai culture, and in that tradition, according to this story, they know well that something that calls your name in the voice of a loved one is a spirit trying to trick you to the other side.

This particular belief is a common one, as folks in the Appalachian community as well have a rule: if something calls your name, um, no, it didn’t.