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Camera Captures Entity Leaving Mans Body After Getting Attacked

This gave us chills.

There’s three kinds of people who watch this video: those who see Marvel villain Venom, those who believe the man has some sort of spirit entity with him, and those who just see CGI editing. Black and white security camera footage shows a man chasing another man down the street. He catches him, throws him to the ground, and attacks. As the man lay crumpled on the ground something seems to emerge from him, a ghostly figure that stands up and pushes the attacker away. The man stumbles back and the shadow figure winds up for another blow, driving the attacker back a second time. The mysterious figure then seems to settle back down into the man as he manages to finally stand up from the initial attack.  

Assuming this man is possessed by an ethereal entity opens the debate on whether or not that is a good thing. Do you want to exorcise an entity that is protecting you from you from violent attacks? And if it’s protecting you, does that mean it’s a good entity? Most of the signs and symptoms of a possession are deeply negative, such as night terrors or displaying sudden behavior changes that are counter to their personality. 

Some may believe this man’s guardian spirit wolf leapt forward in a moment of peril to protect him. It’s easy to see how this shadowy figure could be viewed as an anthropomorphic werewolf torso that never fully stepped out of its human charge. Those wishing to have a protective wolf spirit of their very own can perform a summoning spell with a few simple ingredients such as patchouli, myrrh, bay leaves, white candles, incense and a charcoal, and raw meat.  

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