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Woman Calls to the Spirit She Thinks Haunts Her Home...And It Answers!

I'd be out of there so fast...
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With Christmastime upon us, ghosts of the past seem to lurk around every corner. The days are short and the nights are long and dark. It’s easy to imagine we see strange shadows in corners, especially because Christmas lights and other decor might be changing the way the light moves in our homes.

But this woman has been documenting something more. “We are renovating a one-hundred-twenty-year-old home and everyday something creepy happens,” reads the caption on this unsettling video. “I swear I see someone out of the corner of my eye, we hear weird sounds, and see odd reflections in the windows and mirrors.”

In the video, she pans across the room, which is already decorated for Christmas, and there seems to be a strange, humanoid shadow reflecting n the window, as if there is someone standing against the wall.

As she asks for a sign that the spirit is present, the floor lamp in the corner begins to flash on and off.

Later, she takes us on a tour of the landing at the top of the stairs. This is another place, she says, where she often sees the host lingering. Sure enough, as she crests the stairs, the flap of a cardboard box sitting in the corner begins to move up and down, as if someone is playing with it.

This poltergeist seems desperate for attention, as if it just wants recognition that although it’s dead, it still part of existence.

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