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People Think Camera Caught ‘Evil’ Spirit Jumping From One Body to Another

Admittedly that looks really freaky.

If there’s one corner of Ghost TikTok I know not to visit at night, it’s the one that likes to show videos of demonic possession. Maybe I saw The Exorcist too young as a child. Or maybe I just like the idea of keeping my body to myself. But there is something seriously unsettling about any videos that purport to show a spirit getting anywhere near a body it doesn’t belong to. And that goes for whether or not it’s real or fake, which brings me to this video.


I am not a VFX artist, so I can’t really say what is going on in this video. Purportedly, it shows two men walking down the street when a shadowy spirit leaps from one person to another. The freakiest thing about the video as shown, is the way the figures’ gaits change the second the spirit makes its move. The body that was left stopped and looked around, putting a hand to his head as if momentarily confused. Meanwhile, the body that the spirit supposedly traveled into reeled back as if struck, then continued on slowly, as if becoming used to a whole new form.

In the comments section, viewers were extremely skeptical. “Nice edit, bro,” was a popular refrain. Others were ready with the joke. “Apple AirDrop,” “That was just a fart,” and “The second guy had more money” were particular favorites of mine. After all, it’s a lot more comforting to believe that this is just a little game someone was playing with Adobe After Effect than that there are spirits out there who believe humans are little more than ready hosts. 

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