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Man Finds Terrifying, "Spindly" Handprint on Bedroom Mirror

Look out behind you!

Pop quiz! What’s scarier: ghosts or cryptids? One has the consistency of mist, can walk through walls and drive under floorboards, can lurk over your bed at night and appear suddenly behind you in shadowy mirrors. The other is lurking in the woods, ready to snatch at you with long, thin claws or drop down from the trees and tear your body limb from limb.

Hmmm, tough call. Scariest might actually be a combination of the two, the long-clawed monster that is already in your house. And that seems to be what the fellow in this video is dealing with.

The video shows a man giving us a shaky-cam tour of his house, where he claims a supernatural entity invaded the previous evening and left a handprint on the mirror. Why a handprint on the mirror when there are so many other mysterious and horrifying things a supernatural entity with access to your home can do? Beats me.

And yes, the handprint is indeed very scary. It’s very, very large, and features weirdly long finger joints and claws.

Judging from the size and shape, the being this print is supposed to evoke is a rake. The rake is a cryptic created in the popular imagination in the last twenty years thanks to so-called “creepy pasta” takes on the internet. It bears similarities to more ancient Native American entities, such as skinwalkers and Wendigo, but came into being in 2005 on the website 4chan. Rakes are described as being tall, thin, pale creatures, with vague humanoid shapes, but who creep around on all fours and slash at your with their eerily long fingers and sharp claws.

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