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Cleveland Woman Spots "Spiky" Cloud Above the Water

Is it a UFO or a crack in the firmament?

We’ve all see strange clouds in the sky, clouds that made you do double or even triple takes because they look nothing like what you’d expect a puff of water vapor to be. But this Ohio woman was shocked recently when she saw a cloud in the sky that looked like a giant, spiky star.


Viewers are full of their own theories. “A jet farted” says one in the video comments section. Others claim that the sight looks like a “crack in the firmament.“

This particular theory references the ancient, Biblical notion that the sky is a solid dome, a “firmament” into which the stars and other heavenly bodies have been placed. To this day, there are some people who still argue that the Earth is flat (it’s not) and covered by a literal dome (it isn’t). To those people, I can see how this strange, spiderwebbed cloud might look like a crack in a dome around us. Of course, the cloud she sees is probably not visible in other places, whereas a crack in any imaginary “sky dome” would be.

Another explanation for what she see in this video is an unusual angle on a pair of crossed contrails. Contrails are formed by condensation behind high-altitude aircraft. Their makeup is very similar to naturally-forming virus clouds, except they are usually much longer and thinner. Depending on the atmospheric conditions where they might be formed (humid conditions make them lat longer), contrails can last up to fourteen hours, and wind conditions can move and disperse them into very odd formations. This looks like a collection of contrails that were crossed and have started to disperse. 

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