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People Think Bluetooth Can Control Spiders

It's not what you think...
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Nowadays, most people carry around a powerful computer in their pockets. With it, they can access vast swaths of the entire world’s knowledge. They can record enormous amounts of their own data, be it audio, video, or text. They can math stars, control the technology in their own home, navigate great distances, and communicate with the rest of the world.

But we mostly look at funny cat pictures and spread disinformation. And sometimes, without even knowing exact how we’re doing it, we’re torturing bugs. Take this woman, who caught a spider under a glass and claims that she can “control it” using “bluetooth.”

Okay, first thing’s first. It’s not “bluetooth.” What it is is the LiDAR sensor inside her camera—basically, a tiny laser light that the phone uses to map depth between itself and the object being photographed, to take better photos and create more realistic “augmented reality” displays. This light is repeatedly flashing at the captive spider and aggravating it.

Secondly, they are not controlling the animal, unless by control they mean “making it jump.” As all they are doing is annoying the thing, they have no other control.

Eventually, in the clip, the spider seems to collapse, either from lack of air, exhaustion, or whatever the arachnid equivalent of a heart attack is. Poor thing. And here I thought the worst possible use for a cell phone was to repost conspiracy theories. Torturing helpless animals wins the new prize.

Needless to say, we do not recommend you try this at home. What did a spider ever do to you?

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