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Man Spends the Night in UFO He ‘Finds’ in the Woods

Would you dare?

I’ve gotten some weird Airbnbs over the years, but I’ve never seen anything like this contraption, an actual UFO that you can rent for an evening’s repose. 


In the video, the man parks his car and makes his way through the woods, where a flying saucer with glowing windows, slowly lowers a curved set of stairs to welcome him aboard.

Sadly, the structure doesn’t actually fly, nor is it run by aliens. Rather, this UFO House is actually called a “Futuro.” Back in 1968, it was designed by the architect Matti Suuronen as a funky, modernist tiny house to be used as a short-term ski chalet. The inside is filled with gorgeous mid-century modern design in a modular, pre-fab construction guaranteed to make both tiny house and MCM enthusiasts swoon.

However, because it was made out of plastic, the oil embargoes that hit at the end of the sixties made these homes prohibitively expensive to build. Out of the hundred or so that were made, only half survive.

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Today, Futuro enthusiasts travel the globe tracking down examples of their famous space-age relic. Some are in terrible disrepair, and most are privately owned

Still, there are several that are available for tours or even overnight stays, if you’re hankering for your own overnight in this miracle of mid-century modern design. And I certainly am. The one in the video is an immaculately maintained example whose availability is already sold out in the United Kingdom, but there are several other options if you want that alien abduction vibe. (Anyone want to take a trip to Joshua Tree?) I’m sure the experience will be out of this world.

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