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Witch Shares Protection Spell Against Nasty Coworkers

You know the ones we mean.

You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your coworkers, and you have to be with those jerks five days a week. A bad coworker can be an enormous drag on the system, wreaking your mood day in and day out and making you wonder if the paycheck is worth the struggle.

Fortunately, according to this witch, there are ways to magically protect yourself from the influence of evil office gossips, scolds, and even mansplaining bosses. And that is by making a protective spell jar.


For this spell, you want to use a small, clear glass jar—something unobtrusive that the people at work won’t notice. Next, you use vinegar. Vinegar will sour their thoughts, words and actions, so that people will no longer be moved by them. Then you take some salt, such as sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, or even regular salt. The salt, as always, is a powerful protective ingredient in magical spells. The final ingredient in this spell jar is lavender You want to use fresh lavender, especially if it comes from your own garden and is imbued with your energy, but you can also use dried lavender you get from the market. The lavender is for calmness, which you and your workspace could certainly use.

Seal the jar up and keep it in your office to help protect you from the negative energy of a bad coworker.

In the comments, people suggest writing the name of the coworker this is aimed on on a piece of tape and sticking it to the bottom of the jar, but that might be asking for trouble. Remember, you want this to fly under the radar. After seven days, toss the mixture and start fresh. Stay safe out there.