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Witch Gives Tips on How to Reuse and Recycle Old Spell Jars

If they served their purpose, it’s time to let them go.

A “spell jar” is the physical manifestation of a witch’s work or wish. All those “potions” that witches are constantly concocting in movies and TV shows aren’t necessarily supposed to be drunk or slipped into someone’s afternoon tea. Sometimes the ingredients are the spell, activated just by being composed with intention.

But what to do with all these little bottles of herbs and crystals after the spell has worked its magic? You can amass quite a collection if you aren’t careful, and it seems wasteful to leave those ingredients to rot in the bottles.

But this TikTok witch has some advise for Konmari-ing your collection and letting them spark joy—and magic—in a whole new way.


In the video, she explains the best and safest way to recycle old spell jars. First, break the seal on the stopper, which is most often made of wax. Empty out the contents. Pick out the crystals for reuse. Gather the herbs together and take them someplace safe in the woods to scatter and return to the Earth. (Be careful if your spell jars contain salt that you aren’t scattering it in your garden. Don’t want to accidentally salt the Earth!) Remove the wax from the bottles by washing off with warm water.

After this process, your bottles are ready to be refilled with new spells and the crystals can be reused as well.

After all, good witches care about nature and the Mother Earth we all call home, and thus it’s important to reduce, reuse, and recycle.