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Witch Makes Easy Spell Jar to Help Her ‘Find Her Magic’

This is perfect for anyone just starting out in practicing the craft.

The idea of creating a magic spell can be very intimidating. What if you don’t know any Latin, or can’t imagine where one might find eye of newt? But this TikTok witch makes creating a spell jar look as easy as making soup, primarily with items you probably already have lying around the house. Watch this video for more.


In the video, a TikTokker who posts under the name @hearth.and.ember takes you step by step through the creation of an uplifting and protective spell jar. You start of course, with a small glass jar or bottle. After cleansing it with smoke (a swipe from an incense stick will do), you add the following: black salt to banish negativity, dried cloves for intuitive power, bay leaf for clairvoyance, a rose thorn or two to protect you from evil forces, a bit of dried orange peel and a dash of cinnamon to magnify the magic, and finally, amethyst to aid in intuitive power. Most of these items you probably already have sitting around in your kitchen cabinets, and one can often find shards of amethyst at local crystal shops or even craft stores. 

Seal your bottle up (she uses a cork and purple wax, which she claims helps the spells manifest, but if you’re short in supply, you might try tying a purple scrap of cloth over the opening) and keep it in the place where you are most likely to do your spells, whether that’s an altar in your bedroom, your garden sanctuary, or your car whenever you are stuck in traffic and you need a little supernatural assistance.

Who knew that magic could be so simple

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