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Witchy Student Makes a Spell Jar for Good Grades

In case studying isn't enough…

Spell jars are a common form of old folk magic and this student is using it towards a more modern purpose - doing well in school. This young witch took a break from studying to create a little extra luck towards good grades!


The jar is first smoke cleansed with incense, filling the jar with scented smoke and then circling it three times in a ring. Next, cinnamon is added to the jar, right into the smoke, for success and power. Oregano is added for courage and joy. Thyme is included for positive attitude and healing. Lavender for a calming peace. Finally, tiny pieces of carnelian stone for confidence and courage top off the layers. The tiny bottle is then closed with a cork and sealed with three different waxes: white, yellow, and blue.

Jar spells are an easy and customizable magic that can be used for anything by modifying the contents of the jar and the colors of the sealing wax. Ingredients for the spell jar can be chosen by matching qualities with intent. There are a wide variety of crystals and stones associated with different inherent qualities, such as the carnelian this student uses which is also thought to encourage motivation. 

Historically, witchy ingredients have weird and sometimes gruesome names such as “bats wings” which were used as code to conceal secret potions. Lists of these secret names and their meanings can help one in deciphering which plants and herbs they would like to include in their own creations. 

The candle colors chosen to seal the jar should also correspond in intent with the ingredients. White is a general all-purpose option that can always be used. 

Nothing can replace studying, but even the best students can make this while taking a break from the books.