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Witch Explains the Proper Way to Dispose of a Spell Jar

It's never a good idea to leave magic unattended.

If fairy tales have taught us anything, it’s that leaving magic remnants lying around undisposed will cause problems. This is how you can properly undo a spell jar that is no longer serving its purpose.


The top of a spell jar is usually sealed with wax, so the first step is reversing that process by holding it over a white candle flame and allowing it to melt off. The cork may burn too and that is fine. The jar can then be emptied onto a portable altar stone. Once the contents are all removed, the altar stone with ingredients can be brought outside to a nice friendly feeling patch of nature. It is recommended one thank the various contents for their assistance, at which point they can be buried in a small hole. It is best to keep a patch of grass or moss to put over top once the hole is refilled with dirt. The jar and any crystals one wants to reuse can now be cleansed by candle fire or incense. 

Proper disposal of jar spells is especially useful in failed honey jar love spells, lest hilarity ensue in traditional romantic comedy setup. There are other methods of breaking spells or curses but spell jars are unique in often containing materials that will be reusable after proper cleansing.