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Spatula Makes Woman Believe She Found a Glitch in the Matrix

Oh no, not again.

A TikToker asked the public to convince her she hadn’t jumped timelines or switched to a new Matrix, and this response video goes the other direction. A young woman claims this is her time to shine and recounts the story of moving in to her new apartment. She required some basic cooking essentials and grabbed a spatula from the local Target. She used it normally, as expected, for a few days but then it mysteriously vanished.  

She looked everywhere for it, even going through the trash to make sure it hadn’t accidentally been thrown out, but it was nowhere to be found. It stayed gone throughout unpacking and everything so eventually she bought another one. She didn’t think much about it again until a year later when the lease is up and they have to move again.

As she was unpacking the kitchen and putting away the cooking utensils she discovered there were suddenly two identical spatulas. She called her boyfriend and asked if he had found the spatula and not told her, but he had no idea what she was talking about.

She always used to joke that the fairies were playing tricks on her, but now she is convinced if it wasn’t fairies then this spatula fell through the Matrix or something because she cannot figure out any possible way she couldn’t find it for a year and then have it show up unreasonably at her new apartment, just chilling on the counter like it wasn’t the strangest thing that ever happened to her.  

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