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Georgia Man Sees UFO "Sparkling" in Sky

Something off with that cloaking device.
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One of the most common traits of UFO sightings, one of the “five observables” noted by experts, is “low visibility or cloaking”. Even when witnesses ought to have a clear view of the object, or instruments should be able to pick it up on radar, they cannot. Often they are only able to see a glow or a haze around where the object should be. This indicates that there is some sort of cloaking capability inherent to these objects.

Cloaking, perhaps, or sparkling, as this Georgia man recently recorded in the sky. 


In the video, a man is recording a strange phenomenon in the clear blue sky. There is something that seems to be sparkling white in the distance, appearing and disappearing in the distant sky.

The video itself is a bit of a mystery. A skeptic could say that what he really caught is the site of a flock of birds, far off in the distance. And indeed, that sparkle could just be the distant flap of few dozen wings. However, it’s awfully high up for birds to be.

Additionally, he clarified in comments that the object was already behaving strangely before he was able to begin recording. “It was doing some weird moving and almost looked a flare gun coming down before I started recording too. I was shocked at first,” he wrote. So this “sparkle” motion is a new maneuver and previously the item looked like a flare.

Perhaps then, what he was seeing was nothing more than a flare, or a firework whose initial burst turned into a shower of sparks.