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People Are Convinced This Woman’s Haunting Music Is Something From Another World

She wholly believes in the power of vibrational frequencies.

Sound healers are metaphysical practitioners who believe that the body and mind can be healed with the aid of particular types of music and frequencies of sound. Which of course, anyone who has watched the first part of Season 4 of Stranger Things already knows very well. But most sound healers do not make music like Kate Bush, but instead angelic, ethereal compositions that sound heaven sent, as in this mystical video. 


In this video, a “Vocal Alchemist” plays on a crystal-clear xylophone while wading in some body of water shrouded in a cotton candy and periwinkle mist. She accompanies the music with a beautiful vocal melody, heavily echoed, either due to the location, or perhaps in post. The unearthly effect is quite beautiful, and sure to break anyone out of the Upside Down.

Demetra, the woman in the video, has many such ethereal videos and compositions on her page, and I urge you to check it out if you like these vibes.

I’m a fan of New Age music myself, even though I don’t know if I totally buy the “science” behind the solfeggio frequencies that Demetra and sound healers like her espouse. According to this practice, certain frequencies (such as 432 Hz, which is what this music is) have special healing, meditative, or enlightenment properties. The theory also states that ancient people from many cultures realized this and that’s why they would write, say, Gregorian chants the way they did, to take advantage of the amazing powers of sound.

Nowadays, most music is set to the far more prosaic 440 Hz, which according to Stranger Things, can still do plenty of healing.