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Security Camera Captures Woman’s “Soul Dog” Returning for a Quick Visit

He walked himself over the Rainbow Bridge for a quick hello!

This woman believes she captured video of her sweet doggy returning from the Rainbow Bridge in the form of an orb. The pale glowing dot soars right at the camera for a close up and the woman swears she can see the face of her dog in light. She also says her cat reacted strangely to the orb and she believes it’s because they were closely bonded. The orb appeared on the one year anniversary marking her pet’s passing and she says there is no denying it is her dog returning to check on her. 

Those who believe the orbs are a supernatural phenomenon often claim it is how those who have crossed to the other side are able to return to check on us and see how we are doing. Some even believe the different colors can give clues as to the meaning or former identity of the tiny glowing light.  

Skeptics claim these sparkling dots are merely an optical illusion created by the reflection of light off of dust particles too small for the human eye to see but the glare of which can occasionally be caught by cameras. The patterns seen in orbs by some are explained as pareidolia, a psychological reaction of the human brain trying to make sense of random patterns. This is often explained by example of the shapes we see in clouds. 

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