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Mom Concerned About Son's Health After He Claims To See Through Portals in Spacetime

Is it ESP or a fever?
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Children have boundless imaginations. And most parents can relay a story where their kid told them something completely outlandish that they one hundred percent believed. Many kids claim to see ghosts, or that they remember past lives with shocking accuracy. Most of the time, these stories are just fun childhood memories. A few times, they’ve led to fervent changes of belief when it comes to the subject of reincarnation.

But when this ten year old starting telling his mother that he could see a non-existent brother through a portal in the ceiling, she began to grow concerned.

“He kept looking at the ceiling and talking to it and pointing to it,” the mother says, worried. “Then he proceeds to tell me that he was looking at the location of one of his brothers through the portal.”

Uh…. What brother?

Concerned, the woman called to her partner. At this point, he started acting paranoid, saying that there were people in the portal watching him, and he didn’t want to “act sus” (i.e., “suspicious”). When they realized the boy had a high fever, they decided it was time to take him to a hospital.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for people experiencing high fevers to have hallucinatory visuals or paranoid moods. If one is unfamiliar with what is happening, it can be deeply disturbing.

We wish this boy and his family a speedy recovery!

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