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Dad Shares Son’s Past Life Memory and the Internet Thinks It’s Tied to Ancient Scottish Tragedy

That’s a lot of “coincidences”.

Some people believe children are predisposed to remembering past lives and this father was in for a surprise when he explained the word “reincarnation” to his son. On a whim, he asked his son if he remembered anything from a past life. His son very casually and definitely stated “yeah, sure I remember my past life.” The dad was shocked and repeated the question, asking if he remembers his whole past life and being an adult and everything. The son said no, he wasn’t an adult and stated with surety that he died when he was a teenager by drowning. With jaw agape, the father asks his son to tell him more.  

The son launched into the story without thinking or hesitation, and started speaking of how he had been a thirteen year old boy named Nake who was crossing a bridge in a car or maybe a train. He had been with his then-life mother and the bridge collapsed and they both drowned in a river. He said his then-life father survived because he hadn’t been with them that day. He speculated that he wasn’t sure if Nake was his real name or just a nickname, but he was certain his mother called him that in his past life.

Not knowing what to do with these strange and seemingly past life memories his son told him, he turned to the internet to see if anybody had a circumstance similar to his son’s description. He thinks it would be sweet to reconnect with his son’s other soul-family.

One astute commenter pointed out that Nake is a Scottish name from the mid to late 1800s and around that time the Tay Bridge Disaster occurred in Scotland. There have been many bridge collapses all over the world since then though, so it remains unclear if it is tied to this event.

Mysteries like these are perfect for the social cooperation of the internet in locating anybody who might have lost a loved one with this moniker. If anybody has further information that could shed light on verifying this child’s past life memory, they should reach out and let the father know. Also, tell us too, please. 

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