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Man Thinks His Picture of a Snowy Forest Has Secret Yeti Hiding In It

What’s that back there?

In the days before everybody had a phone in their pocket, a common complaint of bigfoot sightings was that there were basically no photographs. As cell phone cameras became more common, so did pictures of bigfoot. In current times even video evidence is not enough to sway most into so much as considering the possibility of such creatures existing. And yet the sightings continue to increase while disbelief doubles down. We ask these skeptics, “What would you do if you really saw a bigfoot out in the wild other than try to get it on your camera and then post it to social media?”  

A snowy scene snapped from inside a car reveals something subtly strange in the background, something that undeniably resembles the yeti of lore and legend. A face that seems something between ape and human is covered in white hair or fur pokes out from behind a snow covered tree.

Creatures resembling sasquatch but with white hair covering their bodies instead of the bigfoot brown are often called yetis but it is speculated the color of their fur could be seasonal for camouflage rather than indicative of a separate species. Even when seen in the snow these creatures don’t always have a white winter coat, as seen in the infamous ‘Snow Walker” video

Many more videos are surfacing of winter encounters with these white and hairy bipedal cryptids, likely due to the increased availability of vehicles that can handle extreme snowy conditions. In times past, hikers would have to make their way by foot to remote locations and hope to catch one by surprise as all reports indicate the beasts are much faster on foot than humans.  

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