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Shadowy Bigfoot Startles Family in the Snow

That little yappy dog's not helping.
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Sometimes Bigfoot videos are nothing more than a few curious sounds echoing through a leafy wood. Sometimes they are blurry footage of a man in an ape suit. And sometimes they are more like this—a shadowy figure, glimpsed between trees, moving in a way that seems unlike a human, but also unlike any animal that we’re familiar with.

This video of a shadowy figure tromping through the snow on the edge of the woods has captured the attention of folks online. What is it out there? And why is it moving like that?

In the video, a woman is calling attention to a strange creature she spotted in the snow woods behind her house. The family dog is yapping furiously, running back and forth. At first, you think it’s a man, but then it starts to move—and though remaining bipedal. Its gait does not appear much like a human’s.

Some people thought maybe it was a bear, possibly a half-grown cub, startled by the dog into standing on its hind legs.

What’s strangest about this video is the fact that t never seems to move out of the shadows, and remains pitch black throughout the duration of the video, not revealing any details or features that might help identify what it really is.

Many Bigfoot experts believe this elusive cryptid is so difficult to catch on film because it has cloaking or camouflage abilities, making it possible to avoid capture, either in photos or in real life.

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