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Video Shows Something Unseeable Snatching Paper From Man’s Hands

What exactly was that?!

Some ghost hunters come to locations armed for investigation, with infrared cameras, electronic voice recorders, and all kinds of specialized equipment. Others come with little more than a trusty flashlight. And then, there’s this guy, who has decided the best way to contact the ghosts hiding behind his mirror is… a Pokemon card?


“I didn’t believe my colleague when he said his house was haunted,” the man writes in captions. In the video, he approaches a mirror mounted on the wall, holding in his hand what appears to be a jumbo kangaskhan Pokemon card. The card appears to get sucked back into the space behind the mirror. The man claims the mirror is bolted to the wall, and that there is nothing behind that wall except the bushes outside the house.


Of course, most of the comment on this video are worried not for the residents’ safety, given that the mirror is clearly some sort of portal to the Upside Down, but rather that this man sacrificed a Pokemon card to whatever entity is lurking back there.

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“Not the Pokemon, bro,” laments one.

“We’re still waiting for it to trade back,” replies the man with humor.

Others wonder if the entire thing was staged, or if the video is being played in reverse. Some note the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance of spindly black things near the edge of the mirror. Are they spiders?

And of course, how does one first notice that their mirror can suck aper into the backrooms? The might be the biggest mystery of all.

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