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It’s Weird This Tree is Smoking Since It’s Not on Fire

Why is this happening?

Smoke appears to be coming out of a hole in the side of a tree in this odd video that surfaced on social media. When the smoke pauses the camera is put up to the hole and it goes further back than can be seen, but looks to be a small animal burrow. The camera pans out to show an otherwise normal tree and the smoke begins to puff out of it again. The camera is placed up to the hole again to see if something can be seen through the smoke but, once again, nothing is there. 

We’re stumped as to what could cause this so we turned to the comments. Could this be Keebler Elves frantically baking their Christmas cookies for the holiday season? When in doubt, blame fairies! If this strange little tree is sporting a home to the fae folk, perhaps leaving a small gift at the opening would tempt their friendship. Traditional offerings include tiny bits of food such as cream, honey, a bit of fruit, or shiny trinkets.  

Although seemingly unlikely based on no evidence of fire, there have been instances of lightening strikes or underground fires that can cause a tree to burn from the inside out. If one encounters a smoking tree, bare hands should be used to feel the trunk and around the ground for signs of warmth that could indicate an emergency situation. 

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