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UFO Spotted Glowing in the Sky Over Slovakia

That's definitely not a plane.

UFO enthusiasts know that the objects in question come in several different varieties. There are the classic “flying saucers.” There are the “tic tacs” or oblong craft reported by several military pilots. There are the triangle-shaped UFOs. And then, there are the orbs.Orb-style UFOs recently made national news during the Congressional hearings, after a congressman asked for answers on a case from more than fifty years ago, when a “glowing red orb” appeared over a military missile installation in Montana.

But this one was nowhere near the U.S. Rather, the strange glowing light appeared in the sky in Slovakia in Eastern Europe.

This video purports to be of a strange, “blinding” light in the sky over a small village in Slovakia. In the video, the light hovers in place for several long moments, becoming brighter and immersions before finally vanishing altogether.

What is it? A drone? A flare? It’s certainly not the moon, and eyewitnesses say that it didn’t behave like a drone or a flare, either.

People all over the world want to know what it is we are dealing with when it comes to these unidentified aerial phenomena. Though the U.S. government has finally, after nearly a century, started to take the UFO situation seriously, it is clear this is not a problem that concerns our country alone. There are lots of people in lots of places who are finding UFOs, and they all want answers.

In the comments, Slovakian viewers agree. “I have lived in Slovakia since I was born and I can say something weird is happening above us,” says one viewer, claiming he, too, has footage that would blow our minds.

Enough is enough. UFO disclosure now!

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