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Woman Claims Her ‘Dream Husband’ Helped Save Her Daughter’s Life

His warnings might have spared her girl from an untimely demise.

TikToker @desi_seabird has been documenting her experiences with what she describes as her “sleep paralysis dream husband” an entity that she occasionally meets while dozing off or seemingly in sleep. She will see or sense what seems like her husband in her room. He’ll touch her or talk to her, and she thinks it’s her man, only to wake up and realize she’s alone.

But she doesn’t mind this ghostly visitor, as he is a real lifesaver.


In the video, she describes a time this dream husband came to her and whispered, “go check on the baby.” She woke up and realized she as alone, but soon thereafter heard a knock on her door and found her teenaged daughter in the midst of a severe allergy attack. Though they took her to the hospital, the doctor’s were initially unable to find the allergen affecting the girl.

Nevertheless, dream husband persisted, and over the next few weeks, any time her daughter was in danger from this mysterious toxin in the house, he would show up in the woman’s mind with a warning: “go check on the baby.” One time, the woman and her real-life husband even found the girl in the midst of anaphylactic shock! Thankfully, they have finally located the cause of these attacks and the girl is out of danger.

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Some viewers think that this “dream husband” is a spirit guide, or maybe her brain’s interpretation of clairvoyant signals. But whatever is going on here, that family is thankful they have their slightly creepy guardian angel. 

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