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Woman Sees Enormous Shadow Falling Across the Sky

She doesn't know where it's coming from.

Sometimes all it takes to weep for humanity is to take a quick stroll through a TikTok “for you” page, where reams of misinformation are being passed off as breaking news, mind-blowing revelations, or even “life hacks.” Even worse are the comment sections on videos, which can often manage to turn even the most explicable of occurrences into a sign of the apocalypse.

Take this recent video of a strange atmospheric phenomenon on the west coast of Florida and the way people ignored their own eyes and went positively fear in the comments.


In the video, a woman shows a large shadow falling across the sky at sunset in Brandon, Florida (a town near Tampa). “The sky is doing weird things…” she writes in the caption.

Only, it’s not all that weird. In fact, you can actually see the massive cloud that is casting this shadow in the video itself. The video is being taken at sunset, and the sun is behind the cloud, whose bulk is making one stripe of the sky darker. This is not remotely mysterious, although it is very pretty.

Meanwhile, the comments talk about “signs and wonders” and insist that what you’re really seeing is the light bouncing off the “firmament.” This term is widely used in Biblical based flat Earth conspiracies, which argue that the entire world is on a flat plane set under an invisible dome, into which the sun, stars, and all other astronomical bodies are set.

People, it’s just a shadow from a cloud. You know how clouds work, right?