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You Must Try This One Minute Skull Makeup For You Day of the Dead Costume

Could also work for Gideon the Ninth...

Skeleton are a perennially popular spooky decor choice. Skeletons have been a symbol of death since time immemorial, with medieval art showcasing dancing skeletons and Mexican Day of the Dead festivals decorating countless tiny sugar skulls. Nowadays, many people dress up like skeletal creatures for Halloween, whether they choose to invoke the Grim Reaper, the Mexican La Catrina, or even (more recently), the bone-worshipping necromancers of Tamsyn Muir’s Locked Tomb series.

For all you folks looking to do some skull makeup (especially Gideon Nav, who, we all know, likes to be lazy about it), check out this one minute tutorial:


The video, which is in Spanish, details a dead-easy skull makeup routine. The key, it seems, is to dip half of a broad, flat brush in black face paint, and the other half in white.

Sweep the brush, black side up across your brow, so that you have a white base with black along your hairline. Then, flip the brush so the black side is down and outline the top of your brow bone, making a black arc above your eyes. Flip the brush again (black side up) and finish the black circle around your eye sockets. This will also cover the top of your cheeks in white.

(You may need to “reload” your brush at this point.)

Draw a line, black side out, down the side of your face, across your jawline to your chin, then flip the brush again so the black part is even with your mouth and drawn another line up across your cheek, defining the “jaw bone.” At this point, you’ve gotten the basic outline of the skull.

Then, merely fill in the gaps at your jaw, nose, and eye sockets with black paint, and define the edges and highlights as desired. Draw vertical lines in white across your lips to give yourself “teeth”.

Even Harrowhark couldn’t complain.