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Ghost Hunter's Formerly Skeptical Nana Shares Beautiful End of Life Visions

Grab your tissues for this one.
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It always hurts when a beloved family member doesn’t understand your interests. The parent who wonders why you spend so much time playing video games, the partner who hates your giant stash of yarn, the brother who won’t stop teasing you about Harry Styles…

In this case, a young paranormal investigator was always frustrated by her grandmother’s disdain for spooky stuff. Whether she thought of it as simply preposterous or actively evil, it was never a topic the two of them could freely share. That is, of course, until much, much later in the grandmother’s life. Nearer to the end of it, in fact. 


In the video here, a Salem witch tour guide shares the touching memory of her grandmother’s final days while giving a tour of the old woman’s house. The grandmother, a Polish immigrant, had little patience for her young granddaughter’s burgeoning interest in the supernatural, and would encourage her to read her Bible instead. However, many years later, while dying, she seemed to have a somewhat different take on the matter.

The woman reports her grandmother saw and interacted with several spirits from her past in her final days, including a daughter who had died while still a child, and the old woman’s own mother, who apparently appeared at her door wearing a hat an carrying a pocketbook and asking if she was “ready” to go.

Many people report similar visions n their final days, and end of life experts believe that no matter what the cause or origin of these experiences, they give folks comfort. For this grandmother and granddaughter, finally seeing eye to eye on the matter of spirits was an important moment.